STOPPIL's charter
"Rapidity and efficiency at best price"

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Our commitment


From 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday until Friday available hot line for our customers.
Respond to all After-Sales enquiries immediately or within 2 hours if a technician is not available immediatly.
Spare parts shipment the day of order if order placed before 3 p.m.
Selection, test and installation of complementary machines. Ensure availability of emergency spare parts. Technical documents included with shipment.
Intervention of a skilled and experienced technician as soon as possible (within a maximum of 7 opening days). 24 or 48h contractual delays for specific maintenance contract agreed.
Continuous training of our technicians to latest high technologies.
Invoicing of technician at actual and reasonable travel expenses, suitable to the staff category, vehicle and accomodation.


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Our services


AFTER SALES SERVICE : Maintenance &Technical interventions

5 days a week (52 weeks per year) our society answers to your After-sales needs.

 A permanent technical hotline presence enables dispatch of our available spare parts the same day of your order. (Received call before 3 p.m)

 Specific intervention on your production place.

 Competitive prices

 We ensure review of your returned machines after reception of our quote.

 As our goods are dosing instruments, it is recommend to make a regular preventive review (1 to 3 years according to application)


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ENGINEERING : Constant advices for our customers

 From starting project advices to logistics we study your needs and suggest machines suitable to your application in order to reach your technical specifications target.

 We work as real liquid packaging advisor for any kind of machines.

 Responsible task display from study to turnkey dispatch.


FORMATION : Approved center n°11770185977

 We truly know that packaging line are essential investments for our customers. These projects must be driven in an optimum way to ensure maximum efficiency. Line conductors are often limited to few hours of training.

 Thanks to its high qualify technicians, Stoppil can insure your operators maintenance training. Personalized offers can be proposed to suit to your training needs.





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