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► 1947

Created in 1947 Stoppil is located near Paris in France, in the dynamic Marne-la-Vallée business park. Stoppil was originally a metal free cutting firm. The inventiveness of Stoppil's initiator leaded him to create and produce a machine in order to meter water in the mixer for bakes. Success quickly grow-up.


► 1958

Thanks to its know-how, Stoppil developed in 1958 a range of flow meters dedicated to liquids with different viscosities, aggressiveness, temperatures, etc. The Stoppil flow meter range was born!


► 1975

In order to sell this new range in the different types of industry, Yves LUCE and his son creat, in Montreuil (F93) the company STOPPIL INTERNATIONAL and opens its first manufacture in Torcy (F77) in 1978.


► 1982

The sales departement and the manufacture are both set down in Torcy.
This settelment allows the developpment of the range and the export business. In
order to show that Stoppil's range is dedicated to the industry, STOPPIL INTERNA-


► 1988

 Stoppil Industrie moves to new and bigger building in Chanteloup en Brie (F77).


► 1990

STOPPIL becomes a Limited Company with Stoppil Industrie and SNE Luce.
This new organisation can propose complet services to industrial customer and to


► 1991 

Stoppil buys a truck and equippes it to present to the customers the conditionning lines, espe-
 cially a filling and a capping directly on site.


► 1994

By developing even more its competencies over the years, Stoppil created in 1994 its own range of filling machines and completed its screwing machines ranges. Different types of dosing technologies are employed:


Volumetric, Magnetic and Mass flow meter.


► 2006

In 2006, Stoppil developed and designed a new range of easy and affordable filling machines. Stoppil can now afford liquid filling solutions suitable to all types of budget.


► 2014

Nowadays, thanks to its 40 years experience, Stoppil develops machines according to the new trends of packaging market: reliability, flexibility, simple adjustment and optimum cleaning.

In partnership with all type of companies, Stoppil provides its know-how to the Food, Chemical, Cosmetic and Detergent industries.




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